Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mad Hippie Review

A few months ago, I made the full transition into non-toxic, cruelty free skincare. After doing a lot (A LOT) of research, I purchased nearly every Mad Hippie product and gave it a go. I have been using their products (along with a few Ursa Major products, which will be another review), and I am so-so-so pleased with how happy my skin has been! Read my full, honest review on the products I purchased below:

I feel that it is important to start with a background on my skin. Some products work better on certain skin types than others.

About my skin: I have a fair complexion (meaning I will burn fairly quickly without sunscreen) that will tan slightly in the summer. I have combination skin (oily in some places, dry in others) and my skin is very sensitive (my skin reacts to harsh chemicals and strong fragrances). I have the occasional breakout (I'm human!), I have larger pores around my nose and occasional redness. I don't wear a lot of makeup and typically use a tinted moisturizer and spot conceal where needed.

Cream Cleanser (with Jojoba, Green Tea, Macadamia Oil, & Orchid Extract) - I read a lot of mixed reviews about this cleanser. I was a bit skeptical because I enjoy a foaming cleanser, and this is a non-foaming cream cleanser... but it is amazing! This is probably my favorite product from the line. I read some reviews that said this was not very good at removing your makeup, but I think it does an amazing job removing makeup! Like I mentioned above, I don't wear a lot of makeup, but this easily removes even my mascara (I wear a natural, non-waterproof mascara). The best point is that this cleanser does not sting your eyes. Like, AT ALL. Every cleanser I have ever used has stung my eyes (even the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, which drives a main selling point of not burning your eyes)! It feels cooling and luxurious on the skin. The fact that it has green tea SOLD ME HARD. My skin loves green tea. Super refreshing!

Vitamin C Serum (with Konjac Root, Ferulic & Hyaluronic Acid )- I was looking for a serum to even out and brighten my complexion. At, first I wasn't sure this delivered but I found that it does amazing, glowy things when I pair it with an exfoliant. I use this a few times a week with the Pixi Overnight Glow Serum. (Mad Hippie has their own exfoliating serum, but I have not tried it because at the time of purchase they recommended one or the other.) The vitamin C serum is a cloudy, orange-ish serum (reminds me of diluted OJ with pulp) which makes me feel like it's made from fresh citrus fruit (I'm not complaining). It is a light-weight serum with a lovely smell. It's not super moisturizing on it's own, so use as a treatment in conjunction with a moisturizer.

Antioxidant Facial Oil (with Argan Oil, Goji & Camu Camu) - This oil smells AMAZING. So good. I don't usually like scented products, but this smells delicious and does not smell synthetic. I bought this to replace my much loved Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, and although it does not perform the same, I am happy to be putting something more natural and safe on my skin. I don't use this serum everyday, it is very thick so I save it for evenings when my skin feels like it could use some extra moisture. It is sort of sticky, like honey, which isn't bad, just know that it doesn't spread well on dry skin. Spritz on a little rosewater first, and apply to dewy skin.

Face Cream (with Peptides, Acai, Argan Oil & Reservatrol) - I bought this to replace my loved Mary Kay Timewise Facial Moisturizer. This moisturizer is formulated for all skin types and is safe to put all over your face, the delicate eye area included. Even the eyelids. That was a major selling point for me. I don't want to have to worry about avoiding the eye area when applying a moisturizer. This feels a little heavy when first applied, but that may just be because I am used to a more gel-cream type moisturizer. The only thing I am not crazy about is the scent. Not to imply that it smells bad, it actually smells great! I just prefer an unscented moisturizer, especially when I am applying it to the eye area. If they made an unscented version, that would be golden in my book.

Eye Cream (with Peptides, Ceramides, Pomegranate & White Tea) - I was super excited to try this. I am constantly on the prowl for that "holy grail" eye cream. One that is moisturizing, but not too heavy and does not leave me with puffy, irritated eyes. I was so into the fact that this has white tea in it, and was hoping it would help brighten the eye area. This checks all the boxes, however, the formula is a little grainy. Not grainy in the sense that it feels like sand or anything crazy, but it takes a lot of rubbing to get it to settle into the skin (which is not a good thing for the delicate eye area). I've tried gently patting it into the skin, but I am always left with these little grainy balls of product. It is possible that I just got an off bottle, so I may purchase again and see.

Have you tried any of the Mad Hippie Line? Which is your favorite? Which would you most like to try?

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own, and the products were purchased with my own hard-earned money from Lucky Vitamin.

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